Tech Partner Program:

Are you interested in integrating 4D results into your own website or application? Or, are you interested in building a 4D prediction business and wish to get GD Lotto result & statistic into your platform? Join GD Lotto's Tech Partner Program now to reach new audiences and grow your business by partnering with us, GD Lotto!

GD Lotto is continuously improving GD Lotto's live result API in delivering faster, accurate and stable connection to serve hundreds of GD Lotto's existing partners and developers. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with attachment of your website details or mobile applications. GD Lotto will review your application (usually within 7 working days), and get back to you with your activated partner account!

List of features that are included in GD Lotto's brand new API:

Speed and load balancing GD Lotto's connection is always important to ensure hundreds of GD Lotto's partners in synchronising the most updated and accurate data. Hence, GD Lotto's result distribution servers are hosted at the world class CDN network that provide 99.9% of uptime guarantee.
Are you still publishing summary lottery result? GD Lotto know lottery fans love instant result, and now you can provide the real time with “One-by-One” result to your app or website without putting any effort in developing your own robot to grab from GD Lotto's website.
All GD Lotto's jackpot result is instantly calculating and being distributed in real time basis to all GD Lotto's API partners. With GD Lotto's API configuration, you can now separate the 4D results and the Jackpot result in your application or website.
By joining GD Lotto's partner program, and you can now have the full access for all GD Lotto's results history from day one. GD Lotto know many developers are providing forecast, prediction or some statistic services to their audience. Hence, GD Lotto know this is important to you.
Are you planning to broadcast live draw to your audience? If yes, maybe this is a good feature for you to integrate into your app or website. Simply embedded the given URL into, and GD Lotto will do the broadcast for you directly from GD Lotto's video streaming server. GD Lotto will take care all the load and bandwidth consumption for you, and making sure your audience get the best streaming experience over your platform.
Feel free to email us at [email protected] attached with some of your mobile app or website details. So, GD Lotto can do the quick evaluation, as well as to activate your partner account soon!